In Our Shoes: Joe's Winning Formula for Liverpool Half Marathon

In Our Shoes: Joe's Winning Formula for Liverpool Half Marathon

In the world of partnerships at SUDU, Joe Poole is the friendly face behind the scenes, orchestrating connections and collaborations.

As the Head of Partnerships, Joe's role is as varied as it is vital, encompassing the responsibilities of nurturing existing partnerships and forging new ones. “It’s a really broad role,” Joe explains. “When you boil it down, I see two main areas of responsibility: one is to bring new partners on board, the other is to make sure our existing partners are well-served and happy.”

In this interview, we take a stride with Joe to uncover his secrets to success at the Liverpool Half Marathon. Spoiler alert: it involves strategic planning, a strong support network and his beloved SUDU running shoes.

Beyond the Boardroom...

Joe's passion for running takes flight.

Reflecting on his journey, Joe recounts his beginnings as a reluctant runner. “I still feel a bit funny calling myself a runner,” he admits. “I’ve always run to stay fit to play football.” However, a pivotal moment – a knee injury that sidelined him from the football pitch – sparked a newfound appreciation for running as more than just a means to an end.

“It wasn’t until an injury to my ACL that I started doing a charity 10k in Manchester and park runs, and really found the joy in running,” Joe shares.

For Joe, running is more than just physical exercise, it's a transformative experience. “It can turn a bad day into a really good day,” he says with a smile. “Running has this incredible ability to lift your spirits and promote better mental health.”

Joe's Journey to the Liverpool Half Marathon

The decision to participate in the Liverpool Half Marathon was a natural one for Joe, drawn by the scenic beauty of his hometown and the opportunity to challenge himself.

“The event is very close to both my home and my heart,” he explains. “The scenic route takes you through all the parks and landmarks in Liverpool. It’s one of the things I love most about Liverpool – the amount of outdoor space we have here.”

But preparing for such a feat is not without its obstacles. Joe shares the challenges he faced, from struggling with motivation during the dreary days of January to managing an existing knee condition. However, he stayed committed to his training with a little encouragement from friends and fellow runners. “Having a support network is so important,” he emphasises. “It's much easier when you surround yourself with people who understand the challenges you're facing.”

Secrets of Success: The Mindset & the Gear

The right gear is essential for any runner, and as part of Team SUDU, Joe had the opportunity to be one of the first people to put SUDU's running shoes to the test.

“Well, obviously, as part of Team SUDU, I was keen to try out our new SRM 01 running shoes – and it was absolutely the right decision,” he enthuses. “I mean, I smashed my PB in them!”

Joe emphasises his preference for lightweight running shoes that offer flexibility, underscoring the importance of feeling comfortable and agile throughout the race. “I’m all about feeling light in myself, my clothing and particularly on my feet – and that’s certainly what I got with SUDU.” he explains.

When race day finally arrived, Joe approached it with a strategic mindset honed through months of training. “The more you do it, the more you realise how unbelievably important it is to have a game plan,” he reflects. “For me, I’ve learned that I have to start strong. If I’m in a good mood and make good time in the first couple of miles, that usually helps keep my confidence going.”

Crossing the finish line in SUDU shoes was a proud moment for Joe, marking not only a personal achievement but also a testament to the brand's commitment to performance and quality. “It was a really proud moment,” he recalls. “Again, it was a PB for me, and to do it in a pair of SUDU made it feel extra special.”

The Route That Lies Ahead

Joe emphasises the importance of post-race recovery, both physically and mentally, highlighting the role of proper nutrition, rest and relaxation. “When you’re training, that recovery is really important,” he advises. “Eating the right things after a run, ice bath treatment or even little things like wearing compression socks when you're relaxing.”

Looking ahead, Joe has his sights set on future challenges, including the Tour of Merseyside and Manchester to Liverpool Ultra 50, a daunting 50-mile run from Manchester to Liverpool. Yet, amidst the rigorous training and competition, he finds joy in the journey itself. “Sometimes the chase is better than the catch,” he muses. “It’s the thrill of working towards something and achieving it – that’s the real reward.”

Pace With a Purpose

In Joe's SUDU story, we find inspiration to chase our own goals, whether or not they lead us to the finish line of a half marathon. With dedication, perseverance and a supportive community by your side, anything is possible – just ask Joe.

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